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Sunday Scribbles: Time Sinks + Inspiration

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Look, I didn’t forget about my Sunday blog post this week! Such a novel concept.

Anyone who knows even a little about me knows that I love video games – particularly ones that have interesting stories, an immersive world, and unique characters. One of my favorite series is the Xenoblade Chronicles series which hits all of those boxes. Imagine my excitement when this past week, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was announced!

Needless to say, anticipation has taken over. I’m back to replaying the first game to kill some time between now and September when the new entry launches. If anything, this will give me a good goal for getting some of my writing projects done, because if this new game is anything like previous entries in the series, I’m looking at 100+ hours of content.

I’m already coming up with my own theories into how this new game ties into the previous two and I can’t wait to get to play it this fall.

Now please excuse me as I go back to enjoying the first game for the rest of the weekend. I’ll channel the inspiration this gives me into finally continuing book edits this coming week.

Progress will be reported on Wednesday!

What’s a movie, game, or book that you’re looking forward to this year?

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