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Wednesday Writing: Editing Progress

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sheesh, this is one of those weeks that on one hand seems to be flying by, yet on the other hand is dragging on and on. I just want the weekend to be here; is that too much to ask?

Oh well. We’re almost there, so I’ll fight my way through the rest of the work week. In better news, I’ve finally managed to settle in and resume the editing process for my book. I edited one chapter on Sunday which took forever, both because it was the second-longest chapter in the book, and because I was clawing my way through my writing block. But progress has been made! So, to celebrate that, here’s a short snippet from the beginning of that chapter.

The ocean breeze offered an embrace and as I inhaled the salty air, my muscles loosened.
When had I last visited the ocean?

The original settlers built Frenu along the coast, a perfect location for travelers. Barred
steel gates no less than 12 feet tall stood open, welcoming visitors from all around the continent.
After journeying for eight days on foot, I wasted no time on entering the city. The transition from
rough dirt paths to solid cobblestone jolted my knees, then lessened the tension in my joints.

Just a small teaser from chapter seven of this book. Next up is establishing a more consistent editing schedule, but at least I’ve gotten the process going again. That alone is a big relief. Finishing edits for this book, and writing a query letter for it, will be my main priority going forward. Once those things are done, it’ll be time to begin the querying process — assuming I haven’t gotten favorable news from my current queries.

What are some things you’ve been working on recently?

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