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Wednesday Writing: Goals for 2022

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Happy Wednesday!

While I’ve been sharing what’s been going on with my writing – and by writing, I mean querying – so far, I realized I haven’t actually shared my goals for 2022. So, let’s shelve the handful of rejections I’ve received from literary agents and take a look at my plans.

  • Query Demon Whispers
  • Finish editing Silent Spirit
  • Write query letter for Silent Spirit
  • Query Silent Spirit
  • Finish writing another book (Sequel to Demon Whispers? Sequel to Silent Spirit? First book of something else? Yet undecided! I have plenty of in-progress books to choose from)

One of these things is already in progress, so yay! The querying process for Demon Whispers started after rewriting the query letter. I’ve received some rejections already, but I’m keeping my hopes up and will be continuing to submit my query letter to other literary agents in the hopes of piquing someone’s interest.

On the other hand, though, depending on when I finish editing Silent Spirit and writing its query letter and how things are looking by then, it might be time to shelve Demon Whispers and give another book a chance. I’ll have to wait and see how things are looking at that time!

And of course, after editing, it’ll be time to dive back into actually writing. At this point I might just throw darts to decide which unfinished book to revamp/finish next. Or who knows? Maybe I’ll have a brand-new idea by then? Time will tell!

I’ll be giving updates as time goes on, but for now, what about you? What are things you hope to accomplish this year?

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