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Sunday Scribbles: 3D Printing + Painting

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Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend.

As might be discernable from the title, my husband and I recently picked up a 3D printer to use for creating miniatures for our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns or creating assorted figures as decorations.

Personally, I’ve never been great at visual art despite lessons in school. My go-to has always been various forms of writing. Despite that, I gave painting a miniature a try the other night (the one in the middle of the image; the rest are courtesy of the husband) and it didn’t turn out too bad. It was rather zen to just sit and paint for an hour once I remove the stress of trying to get it just right. I’m sure that feeling will pass with practice.

Obviously, we’re still fine-tuning the printing and support removal process for these, but I’m really happy with how things have turned out so far.

I’m considering designing some miniatures for the main characters of my books for visual representations of them. I think that would help with inspiration throughout the writing/editing process, so who knows, maybe I’ll have those to share in the coming weeks! That aside, I think painting these miniatures will be a good way to give my mind a break from the tension of editing.

Bonus? I think so!

How’ve you been spending your weekend?

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Author of dark and paranormal tales. Avid writer, reader, and gamer.

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