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Sunday Scribbles: Creative Shenanigans

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Happy Sunday, everyone! As far as weekends go, this one has been pretty great, and I can only hope it has been the same for all of you out there!

We had a family member hanging out, which led to lots of video game shenanigans. A bit of Virtual Reality here, some multiplayer crafting and adventuring in Craftopia or card games in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel there. I lost hours opening card packs and making my deck. Long story short, loads of fun.

Beyond that, however, was helping my husband and his brother make their characters for our next Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which I’m modeling after one of my yet-unwritten story ideas. I say unwritten, though the first book is halfway done. It’s one of the many unfinished books on my laptop awaiting its turn.

This should be a fun adventure with magic and political intrigue. I’m excited to start the campaign hopefully in the next few weeks. Being a Game/Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons uses a lot of the same mental muscles as writing my novels, so it’s a great way to get in some practice while also building other skills — like making things up as we go along when needed.

I have no doubt that this campaign won’t turn out exactly like my planned novel series, but that’s OK. It’ll give my ideas and reignite my interest in it so that one day, it’ll have its chance in the spotlight.

That aside, we have a 3D printer arriving this week. We’ll get to make our own miniatures for the game, which is super exciting!

That’s all from me for now. It’s time to delve into some solo gaming after a busy weekend of multiplayer.

Have a great upcoming week!

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Author of dark and paranormal tales. Avid writer, reader, and gamer.

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