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Wednesday Writing: Indecision

Whoops, time is flying this week! Pay no attention to the missing Sunday blog. It definitely wasn’t missed in the chaos of everything else that was going on.

Between dental appointments and lack of sleep, my head’s been all over the place. But that’s not what you’re here for!

I’ve been a bit indecisive this week on what writing project to focus on. While that could be my fatigue talking, knowing me, I’m unsure what to do in the face of the query rejections coming in. Right now, I feel torn between:

  • Revising my query letter (again)
  • Writing the query letter for the book I’m editing
  • Continuing to edit my other book
  • Picking one of my many unfinished stories (or a new idea) to write

Logically, I know the best idea is to just finish editing my other book. Revising my query letter can wait until a few more responses come in, and what’s the point in writing the query letter for my next query project when I haven’t finished editing the book yet?

One part choice paralysis, one part lack of confidence, maybe? I just need to commit, churn out these edits, and by then, I can likely revise the existing query letter and write the new query letter. And from there, it’ll be back to writing in its purest form.

Is anyone else suffering from creative blocks of any kind? What helps you get through them?