N. R. Farrell

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Author


Wednesday Writing: Self-Publishing

Happy Wednesday!

I emerge from the trenches of self-publishing research to instead talk about self-publishing – to someone who isn’t my husband, anyways.

This week has been a flurry of a variety of self-publishing-related things, ranging from commissioning a cover for both eBook and paperback format to finalizing formatting for both of those, and looking into the best ways to advertise and get the news of my upcoming book out there.

For a status report:

  • Cover: A cover could be acquired as early as this week. Except a cover reveal shortly after that.
  • Formatting: eBook and paperback formatting has been finalized minus some tiny tweaks I’m making.
  • Advertising: Several methods of advertising have been found and plans are being made to utilize those shortly before launch and through launch.

The current plan is to wrap up the last bit of formatting tweaks and after receiving the cover, ordering a proof copy to make sure everything looks good. As long as everything is in the all-clear, expect the announcement of the official launch date shortly after that!

Still shooting for May/June with about a month between announcement and launch, so stay tuned! I’m excited to share the story with the world.

Back into the trenches I go. See you all on the other side!

Have a great rest of the week!