N. R. Farrell

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Author


Sunday Scribbles: Dice-Making

Happy Sunday to all! I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend.

Today’s post will just be a brief insight into a new hobby I’ve taken up. My husband already has a 3D printer and has been using that to make some fun crafts which we’ve been painting. I’ve decided to take up my own craft and started making dice for Dungeons & Dragons with epoxy resin.

I’ve attempted this three times so far (with a fourth set curing as I’m writing this). Each set came out a bit better than the last, and the third one made massive progress after my husband made me my own silicone dice mold. I’m making little tweaks each time and will hopefully have the process fine-tuned within the next few sets!

I’d love to make dice sets that are inspired by/themed after the main characters of my books. We’ve been looking into attending some conventions in person next year to sell copies of my books and I’d love to have a few sets of dice on hand to sell alongside them as well. Assuming I can perfect the art, of course.

Regardless, coming up with the color combinations, even if they’ve been pretty basic so far while I’m learning, is a lot of fun and it’s letting me use a different type of creative energy. The more complex designs will come once I have everything fully figured out!

What are some fun creative things you enjoy doing?

Have a great week!