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Sunday Scribbles: New Adventures

Happy Sunday, everyone!

To start off the first new week of my relaunched blog, I want to dive a little deeper into something I touched on in my previous post – namely, my recent marriage. While I’m refocusing on my writing which is a new adventure in and of itself, it’d be remiss not to mention the change in my life.

Firstly, I’m using this as a chance to highlight our wedding favors and the simple geekiness of them.

My now-husband and I share our love for video games and Dungeons & Dragons, so we found a way to tie both of those things into our wedding favors. These potion bottles are each filled with a different-colored full seven-piece set of Dungeons & Dragons dice (giving a two-fold reference with the bottles themselves!) so each one represents a potion to support us on our journey.

Eagle-eyed gamers might notice the line “Don’t Go Alone” which is a shortened reference to the well-known Legend of Zelda line, “It’s dangerous to go alone.”.

Secondly, even better than all of this, though, is knowing my partner shares my love for video games and puts up with the time investment needed for my writing – and sometimes even dabbles in writing himself! With that level of support, writing should be easier than before, especially since he’ll sit me down at my laptop if I don’t write in a while.

I’m excited to share what writing projects I’m working on in my next post, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes!

Have a great rest of the weekend!