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Wednesday Writing: Snippet

Happy Wednesday!

Keeping things short and sweet today. I realized I keep talking about my writing without showing any of it. So, as I’m knee-deep in querying one book while editing another, I figured I’d share a snippet from the book that I’m submitting to literary agents.

Please enjoy the opening few paragraphs.

Laurent finding the knife marked the beginning of my escape.

I didn’t resist as he chained steel cuffs around my wrists and flung me to the floor. Sharp pain ignited in my elbows and I dropped to my forearms, gritting my teeth as tender flesh scraped across wood.

Bastard, I swore internally.

Laurent twirled the steak knife between his fingers with the familiarity of someone used to wielding short blades as weapons. “Devon… Where did you get this, cherie?” He flipped the knife and passed it hilt-first to his companion, an olive-skinned man with bulging muscles. One look at him in the dark of night and most people would go running. In my prime, I would’ve fought him and won. “Surely you know what will happen now?”

More query rejections keep rolling in, but I’ll keep at it! Worst case scenario, in a few months, I may end up switching which book I’m actively querying. Reset the process and give it another go.

For now, though, I hope you enjoyed what I shared! There will be more to come soon.

Have a great day.