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Wednesday Writing: Book Release!

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I don’t have much to say today that wasn’t already said yesterday, so I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has shown support for my newly released book, Demon Whispers. Whether you’ve shared my blog or social media posts, purchased a copy, or downloaded it through Kindle Unlimited, it means the world to me!

I suppose soon I’ll need to wind down from the excitement of the new release to focus on the sequel, but I’ll cling to that excitement for at least the rest of the week. Maybe longer.

For those wondering about the future: Don’t worry, a sequel will be arriving by the end of the year. Look forward to exact dates, cover reveals, and all that goodness in the coming months.

For now, thank you all once again! If you’re new to the blog, you can find my debut book Demon Whispers on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, plus Kindle Unlimited. Reviews are greatly appreciated and go a long way to help me out, but whatever you can manage is appreciated.

Thanks all and have a wonderful week!

Author: N. R. Farrell

Author of dark and paranormal tales. Avid writer, reader, and gamer.

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